Technical textiles

Technical textiles are functionalized and flexible materials that fulfill accurately defined and specific requirements. As the use of flexible materials, composite materials and textile materials provides a lot of approaches for different solutions they are often applied as substitues for conventional materials.

We differentiate our technical textiles into three groups:

  • Technical fibres and yarns
    Our fibres and yarns are endowed with special features to fulfill various functions. These are for example reliability against temperature and flames, especially high fineness or firmness, conductivity, EMC shielding, water solubility, chemical resistance, etc.

  • Textile fabrics
    Woven fabrics, warp knits or knitted fabrics and nonwovens are rated among the technical textiles as soon as they fulfill functions such as supporting, stabilizing, isolating, conducting or sealing.
    These functions can be achieved by using special fibres or by functional equipment of the materials (coating, laminating).

  • Technical textiles
    Technical textiles are finished products for application in Agro-, Build-, Cloth-, Geo-, Home-, Industrial-, Medi-, Mobile-, Eco-, Pack-, Pro- and Sportstex.