Flame retardants

Flame retardants

For the protection of man and material meanwhile the utilization of low-flammability materials is recommended or regulated in many areas.

As often the inflammation of a textile is responsible for the fire it seems necessary to specifically protect man and his surroundings of fire damages by using flame and heat retardant textiles reasonably.

Low-flammability of textiles can be achieved through two different methods:

  1. Use of inherent fibres. These are not or not difficultly inflammable by nature.
  2. Use of modified fibres. These are inflammable by nature but are modified via chemical finishing to reduce inflammation distictly.

We offer fibre mixtures based on oPAN (oxidized polyacrylonitrile) with p-aramide or m-aramide, FR rayon or modacryl fibres. They are characterized by high strength and termal stability. Throught their excellent processing and mixing behavior they prove to be ideal for further textile processes.

By mixing the inherent fibres with each other and with other fibres an optimal yarn construction can be created that has an outstanding FR feature, very good strength and adequate persistance.

Our special yarns are for example:

  • 50 / 50 % oPAN / p-aramide
  • 70 / 30 % oPAN / p-aramide
  • 50 / 50 % MOD / Co
  • 100 % m-aramide
  • 93 / 5 / 2 % m-aramide / p-aramide / antistatic

According to your requested functions and requirements we are also able to develop individual yarns for your projects.