Textiles with special functions

PVA (cold water soluble)

For special functions and applications we offer textile solutions addressing various issues.

In the field of technical yarns we already provide our customers with cold water soluble PVA yarn Ne40/2. In contrast to the conventionally offered PVA yarns (solubility at 70-90°C) our yarn is yet soluble in cold water, such as at 20°C.

With this feature it is for example applied as bait net in the fishing industry or as separating thread in the apparel industry where it is used as a supporting thread to better manufacture difficult cuts with the machines.

We can offer you support for various specialized developments in the field of functional treatment, coating and laminating by consulting our business partners. Our specialized yarns are often manufatured into fabrics or knitted fabrics within our network. Through a close cooperation with the manufacturers we are able to realize your special requests within a short period of time and in a flexible manner.