Supplies for product supervision

Sample cutter

Measurements of basis weight are one of the most frequently applied tests in the textile industry. By using a sample cutter, a round sample of 100 sq cm can be obtained, from which the basis weigth can easily be determined.

Samples for the Martindale abrasion test according to DIN ES ISO 12947 can be prepared easily and safe with the special round sample cutter.

You can also get substitute blades and rubber sheets for the sample cutter at Flexuma GmbH.


thickness gauge

Besides the weight per square metre and the width of the textile area for technical textiles such as needle felting, nonwovens or carrier fabrics for coatings also the thickness of the textile is relevant as a third dimension.

The thickness of a textile is measured by means of a thickness gauge, that is applicable to different materials depending on the measurement tray.



Our set of instruments for textile inspection contains chosen products and serves as a tool box to restore mistakes from preliminary production stages in fabrics and knitted fabrics.

It is often used in raw materials receiving control, final inspection of goods, labor as well as for contruction analysis of textile areas.