Products for process control

selvedge holder

Flipped selvedges in continuous machines cause costs due to a loss of quality, such as lower width, color spots or stripes, mechanical impairments, inequalities between the middle and the selvedges. By the help of the selvedge holder (also selvedge finger) the responsible machine operator can quickly and easily operate against it at the running web.  

We use a stable but also elastic duroplast-composite material for application in continuous wet and thermo processes.

test strips

A tool that is often used are test strips for the inspection of the pressure between rools.

An examination of the uniformity when imprinting the rolls allows an exact picture of the condition of the roll pair and shows errors in the pressure system.


hardness tester

The examination of the material toughness is also decisive within the textile process control. With the help of a hardness tester for padder rolls of shore A the uniform hardness of the rolls surface can be ensured in order to determine several effects.

hardness of shore = resistance against the infiltration of a body in a sample under defined pressure


To measure temperatures quick and easy during a textile application the Thermo-Strip is suitable for that. The Thermo Strips are made of tinfoil which has a good and fast heat transfer.

To secure quality process parameters such as pH-value, hardness of water, potential of reduction or remains of peroxide have to be monitored intensively. We offer the appropriate quick-reference-systems for the production areas pretreatment, dyeworks, equipment, coating and lamination. We have the following test papers in our portfolio:

  •   pH-universal-indicator strips not bleeding for pH area 0-14
  •   pH-paper not bleeding for pH area 0-14
  •   Indanthren-yellow paper for testing of the situation of the Küpe
  •   Colorimetric test strips for remaining peroxid 0,5-2-5-10-25 mg/l H2O2
  •   Test strips for measuring hardness of Mg and Ca